Sunday 10 April 2011

Those days

Yesterday ws one of those days.
For me is always during springtime. When the air is fresh and the sun is warm.
There is something in the atmosphere all around me that whisper softly to my ears.
Those days I wish I didn’t have a job, so I could just leave and travel.
Have you ever had one of those days?
It doesn’t matter WHERE you want to go, just put on your comfy clothes and go out into the world, to meet new people, taste different foods, make new experiences.
You’d love to be in a food market in India, under the nocturne sky of the Sahara Desert, on the streets of New Orleans or watching the sea from a terrace in Naples.
(By the way, I’ve never been in one of these places…ehm…they are still dreams for me! :D )

 If you’re wondering if I am one of the people who travels a lot my answer is no.
But sometimes I wake up too and dream to be in far away countries!
Sometimes I realize this urgent need of mine. Sometimes I don’t.
For example, if everything goes smoothly, maybe in the next months, I’d like to travel around Ireland for a while.

Where would YOU like to go?  :)


  1. oh I NEED to go back to Japan!! But this week I am visiting Co Kerry and in September I'm going back to glorious Brittany :) Travelling keeps me sane (up to a point, lol).
    I travelled round Ireland with a tent in 2000, one of the best experiences ever! Go, girl, do it, think of Simon the gecko...... ;)

  2. What a coincidence! The first picture is from Killarney where I used to live 2 years ago! Kerry is beautiful!!!
    Noooo, please tell me more about your tent trip! I was gathering info for a bike travel around the country, while I wait for Simon, of course! ;D