Wednesday 27 April 2011

An Post

My present is arrived!!!
I purchased a small item (actually, two, in the end…ehm…) for myself as a Easter present few days ago, and today is here! I received the small package this very morning and kept looking at my little treasure all along breakfast, as you can see in the picture above!
I have to thank Fiona Leontis, from PatchworkDelight (please visit her shop, you won’t regret it!) for the speed and the cuteness of the owlie bag, it’s gorgeous!
I wrote about it not because I wanted to show off, and I’m sure you’re not very interested in my personal shopping, but how about the feelings that come with it?
You wouldn’t say I’m a shopaholic, but there are times that require something new and happy in your life, isn’t it?
Well, since I was a child I always loved to receive mail: I remember there was a time when I had more than 10 pen-friends just for the pleasure to write and then receive a letter back.
Thank God I don’t have those urgent needs anymore (I really wouldn’t have the time to handle it!), but the pleasure to find something for me in the post is the same.
So what’s better than marrying the fun of shopping with the excitement of waiting for the mail???
That’s why I love Etsy: I get all of this along with the certainty of having something beautiful and unique, made with passion, and helping the spread of craftiness and creativity.
Do you have anything better? ;)

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  1. Lovely post chiarra. U hit the nail on the head nothing beats the feeling u get when receive a lovely package in the post! Also as the maker/sender its another great feeling when the recipient loves ehat you made! X fi