Tuesday 5 April 2011

Embarassing presenting myself

So this I my third post and I thought that maybe, MAYBE, would be a good idea to talk about some of my work, crafty/art work, that is.
And present myself a little too.
The first thing that is good for you to know is that I am a stalker. An Internet stalker of beauties.
If I find an artist, a shop, a seller or an idea I like in I can easily get lost for hours.
Especially since I had the chance to discover the fabulous world of Etsy I got to know some very interesting people. Their works, their lives, their ideas even the places they live everything can be a starting point for inspiration! (I know this sounds creepy but I actually just follow their blog and read what they write about themselves!!! I’m no strange guy in a trench coat spying people from behind a newspaper…)
Mainly that’s why I started a blog in the first place.
I’m not so pretentious to think that my written words could be a source of ideas for anyone, but on the contrary I’d love to be even more in contact with amazing people out there.
An active inspiration if you want, not a passive one anymore (of course I’ll keep stalking my old friends, don’t you fear…uhuhuh!).
Exchanging opinions, putting brains together to create something, this is what would I like the most, or just for the sake of fun comments at the end of a post!
So on my part this is an official promise to write at the best of my (poor) possibilities something interesting and entertaining as often as I can.

And to start (yeah, I know this is not the initial post, apologies for that, but I’m a messy one!) I could say something about me, what do you think?
(rhetorical question, I’m going to say something anyway! :P)
I’m an Italian old girl, currently living in Dublin after spending all my life in Italy, nice and cozy at home.
One day I took my cardboard suitcase and said: “farewell my beloved family! I’ll search my fortune in the Emerald Island!”
(Ok, that’s not exactly how it went, but leave me the romantic scene for a moment!)
 I work in a Children Museum and even if it’s the strangest work I could have ever dreamt about it makes me quite happy.
But in my spare time I draw.
I’d love to say I’m an artist (you know, the ideal image you have when you hear it), but I’m too lazy for that so let’s just say I draw. And I do it for fun.
Because it’s something I’ve always done, since I can remember, back in my Granma’s kitchen or on the tea table of our sitting room.
I studied in an art high school, the best 5 years in my life, but then I tried to be all mature&grown up and to search for something useful for a future job so I chose Japanese. Never tried to be mature at eighteen…
As a result I found myself unoccupied, as the almost totality of my colleagues of the university.
Although I kept drawing around between an exam and the other (and during…argh!) I didn’t produce anything very good. Too busy memorizing ideograms.
After a few years working in my old summer job (and travelled in Tokyo and being an Au-pair, but those are other stories) I decided to find a real one abroad, since the situation was/is so bad in Italy.
That was until 2010.
The last year was different for some sort.
I moved for an internship in Dublin, hypothetically for four months but I’m still here and I have to say very happy to be.
Not long ago, as I said before, I discovered this beautiful world that is Etsy, and after drooling on few stuff I found there I started thinking if were possible to open one shop myself.
So I did (not before I had gone mad about taxes, print services available, post fees and similar…) started with PDF file for valentines cards.
They got few hearts, which made me feel very satisfied…stop with the adult crap, who am I kidding…I was actually flying around my room! (which believe me it’s not that easy!), but no one felt in love enough to purchase them.
Selling unfortunately is not in my destiny.

I’ve realized I didn’t talk about my art process at all…should I…no…maybe next time!

God...such a long post...

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