Friday 27 May 2011


Hey-hooo everybody!
This is my first attempt writing about another artist, someone whose work I really like and enjoy, so have mercy on me and feel free to let me know if I did any mistake or how to improve a “spreading-the-voice-about-a-genius-aka-featuring”.

Her name is Francesca Quatraro and she is the answer to the question: “why wasting paper when we have white walls to use?”
She’s an Italian illustrator I found just by chance (internet is truly amazing sometimes!) and I love the combination of black and white with few coloured touches!

(I tried something similar lately, but it’s not as nicer…I still have to master it!)
But the most appealing feature, the very one that convinced me to write this brief post, is because…as far as I can see…she draws on the walls of her own house (and other’s)!
Isn’t it something that you just did when you where little, or something you still would love to do (That’s me! That’s me! But I don’t think my landlord would quite appreciate it, sigh…) but you don’t dare or don’t feel enough confident about?
She just does it, and it’s amazing!

Here, check her website with the gallery to have something to enjoy today (there is a blog also, but it’s in Italian…sorry folks!)

From her bio:
“…To remind things of their own beauty.
Ugliness and bitterness are there, and I know that they are both part of our existence, but in my pictures I choose to tell something else… ”

Please note that all images are covered by copyright and belong to their author.

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