Wednesday 8 June 2011

June Busy Bee!

Hello everybody!
I've been missing from here for a while, but few things have happened lately and I’ve been quite busy for my standards!

At the end of may I was completely focused on the opening of my new store on Fondelifair, which is a brand new website dedicated to Irish or Ireland based crafty people. It’s a good chance to explore the local market and try to improve myself as a seller! At the moment I don’t have so many listings, but I tried however to diversify them from the offer I have on Etsy. I have black & white prints on Fondelifair now, a little bit more “serious” and “grown up” style compared to the coloured things listed in the other one (it’s funny though, they’re all about fairytales! XD).

Last week I packed few things and sent them to Limerick for the Etsy Ireland Pop-Up Shop which is an amazing but unfortunately temporary shop where quite few people from the Etsy Ireland Team are selling their lovely items. If you happen to be near the town try to go and have a look, the pictures taken on the spot until now are great! The place must be overwhelming with craftiness! AND I EVEN MANAGE TO SELL SOMETHING! I’m soooooo excited! Beyond belief!

Then I’ve been featured by *Stick Owlie* {o,o} in her blog, as June's Featured Artist!!!!! Yuppies!
Here is the link with the interview and some pictures! ;)

And finally…I’m going back home (in Italy, that is…) next week, not for holidays as someone could think, but to vote: it’s a very important popular vote happening June the 12th – 13th and I don’t want to miss it!
I’m dreading the heat I’ll be likely to find back there, since I’m not used to the average 30°C you can expect now (no, my Italian genes won’t help me at all, like they refused to do for the past years…) I don’t know what I will do!
My parents are already prepared to see me melting away on a sunny afternoon. Let’s say after lunch (everything is better with your belly full of delicious food)! LOL

So wish me good luck! Maybe I will be lucky enough to shot some nice pictures!
Seeeee youuuu soooon!
Maybe.... ;)


  1. Sounds like you were busy! Good luck with your new shop!

  2. Thanks a million!
    but in the end I've been resting quite a lot too, so I can't complain! ;)
    Now, back on track!