Friday 20 May 2011

Haiku 4 Happiness

I got the mail notifying that the e-book I applied for with one of my works has finally come out!
And it’s now on sale!

Uhm, I think that that’s quite a confusing opening. Sorry!
I’ll take a step back and explain myself!

Something more than one month ago I happened to see on the internet a note about an e-book to help raising funds for Japan, interested I gave a better look and I discovered this great idea initiated by Stefania Fontecilla, a Spanish illustrator (Italian adopted - here it’s her blog: ), about asking people to participate with one drawing/painting/etc related to Japan to be posted in her blog and lately with the possibility to publish it in an e-book.
The e-book in question is called “Haiku 4 happiness” (for those who don’t know already, haiku is a short poem divided in 3 lines describing a particular moment, an event or an atmosphere, typical japanese) and has been on sale since few days ago at the much reasonable price of €3. The total amount of the sale is being donated to Save The Children Italia Onlus, one of the no profit organizations now helping in the reconstruction after the earthquake disaster .

I saw the great effort everybody on Etsy were putting to help the fund raising and I was feeling sad not to be able to help (I’ve been studying Japanese language and culture for many years so it’s particularly dear to me.) with the sale in my shop, still at zero…so I thought that was going to be my chance to be of some help!!!!!
Until I saw the deadline, which was the day after…ARGH!!!
I’m usually very slow when come up to submissions: I have to find a coherent idea…I have to like it…yes, usually I need to take my time, except there was no time to take at all!
Anyway, to make the long story short I was experimenting with some collage at that time (well, I’m still doing it) – did I already mention how much I love paper? :P – so I put the design together the same night and went for the paper, instead of my usual pencils and watercolours, which resulted to be quicker and I manage to post it on time. The result is the one you can see at the top, It’s called “Moon viewing” from the title of the haiku I was inspired from:

The storehouse burnt down,
There is nothing to obstruct
The moon view

And now it is on sale so I will finally have the satisfactory feeling to be of any use!
Unfortunately the editor website is in Italian and you have to sign up in order to buy it, but if you have any knowledge of Italian (or even Spanish…we’re cousins after all!) please, oh! please, try to purchase the book!
Because it’s actually filled with images so it’s not something that you would need to read.
If I can be of any help (with translations and step by step advises) feel more than free to contact me at any time.
Or if you can, spread the voice as much as you can, to help make the difference! :)

This is the link to the editor’s website Haiku Edizioni:

Thank you very much!

Here some of my favourite images among the ones you can find in the e-book!

Giulia Adragna -

Daniela Di Gennaro -

Patricia Lopez Latour -

Please note that all images belong to their respective authors.

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